Melinda Calway


Melinda Calway has been painting and taking private art lessons for over 30 years. In 1994 she enrolled in the 3 year, full time arts program at the Art Centre in Toronto where she graduated top in her class. After working as a graphic artist for many years Melinda began teaching… photography, drawing and watercolour… which it turns out she has an aptitude and a passion for. She continues to teach watercolour & drawing… loving the interaction with up and coming artists and the energy they put into learning. Teaching requires Melinda to be constantly learning and evolving which she feels is a strong positive in her life.

Melinda’s photographs and paintings are in private collections across Canada & the U.S. 

Artist’s Statement: 

I enjoy photographing scenes and images that emotionally inspire me and using them as a catalyst to illustrate an aspect of our everyday life that might otherwise be missed in the busy lives we lead. I strive to lend a feeling of spirituality in my work that shows the importance and omni-presence of nature in the world around us.

I paint my watercolors from light to dark, aiming to preserve the whites and light colors throughout. I love incorporating bright, vibrant colors that dance on the page when placed next to the right neutral gray, providing energy & vitality. To me, watercolor is so fresh looking because of its transparent, luminous nature. Timing is all important in watercolor and it’s fun to keep an eye on the drying of one part of the painting while painting a different part.

Melinda Calway was presented with the Canada 150 Award for her Watercolour “Dancing Lights” at the Scarborough Art Guild Fall Show. The painting depicts the Aurora Borealis of northern Canada.


August 16th 2018 an article about me appeared in the Scarborough Mirror and on Toronto.com 

Melinda Calway enjoys photographing inspiring scenes and images to use as catalysts for her paintings. She strives for a feeling of spirituality to show the importance of nature in the world around her. The bright, vibrant colours that dance on the page when placed next to the right neutral grey always provide energy and vitality to her work.

Calway teaches classes in watercolour and drawing in the community and enjoys interacting with her students. The fact that Calway constantly learns and evolves during the teaching process is a very strong positive in her life.

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Looking Up! 18" x 24"

Looking Up!